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The 'Reuse, Refill, Repair & Recycle Campaign' aims to make it easier and affordable for businesses and the public to keep their thermal, laser & ink jet printers in service for longer periods of time, reducing waste sent to landfill sites.

The initiative which is backed by Tynedale Council encourages companies or individuals to donate broken or unwanted equipment to be either refurbished or stripped for spare parts, which enables other users to benefit from economical repairs that extend the overall lifespan of their equipment.

Eco warrior and company managing director, Shaun Betteridge comments "Each year an estimated 150,000 tons of old equipment needs to be disposed of, which is growing by about 5% a year. New government WEEE regulations make the disposal of such items an increasingly complicated business requirement. Our simple solution makes life better on a number of levels. We provide an easy option for disposal, which generates a large stock of spares to keep other equipment in service for many years to come. If over the coming 12 months, we can extend the life of 1000 printers for another year, we will be delighted".

We charge less for repairs using recycled parts, and the money raised from each recycled part supplied will help support other recycling initiatives throughout the UK.

You can donate to the 'Reuse, Refill, Repair & Recycle Campaign' by email or calling the company on 01635 206700. In most cases we will be happy to collect from your site.