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It's usually easy to tell when you need a replacement TEC printhead because you will see very definite continuous lines running through the length of your label. If you then give your print head a quick clean and the lines are still visible you will need a new head.

We can provide you with the new genuine TEC part to fit yourselves, or we can complete a field install of the new TEC printhead. Call us today, with the model of your printer. Delivery is normally next working day.

Unless the lines run through a barcode, and you are happy with the cosmetic look of your printed label, you can still use your TEC printer until your new part arrives. However, if the lines run diagonally through the barcode this could cause errors when reading the code and we would not recommend  using the label in that format.

The life of your TEC printhead can be greatly extended by regularly cleaning your printer. Removing dust & debris from inside your machine, and cleaning your print head with an isopropyl alcohol solution, can extend printhead life many times over.

We can provide both preventative maintenance onsite visits, or cleaning kits to enable you to keep your TEC printers working perfectly for many years to come.

TEC Printheads
TEC Printheads

Just like your thermal labels and ribbons your TEC printhead is classed as a consumable item that you would expect to replace over time.

TEC Printer Repair