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Welcome to our US & Canada partners.
We would like our friends in the United States and Canada to help us become the leading provider of printer repair services over here in the UK.

How can you help? Well firstly, we have made it easy and don't expect you to do this without getting a benefit too. We want you to display our UK link on your US website and we will provide you a 10% sales commission on all UK sales deriving from your link.

Why? Doing a web search over here often displays companies from your country in the results and a prominent link on your site would direct users back to our site. It will also enhance our listings here with improved ranking and you guys get a generous commission from a market you wouldn't normally get any business from.

To help copy & paste the text to the right of the image below, in your html code preferably on your home page or product related pages. Then contact us and show where we can view the link on your site. Simple!

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